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Creation Station – Arts & Crafts without the clean up

Creation Station – Arts & Crafts without the clean up

Little Ankle Biters were invited along to Creation Station recently and my children absolutely loved it.

If like me, you’re often reluctant to get the paints, craft box and Play Doh out due to the pure amount of mess it can make, then Creation Station might be for you.

When we arrived at Creation Station, it was Monsters and Alien week and there were 3 large tables set up, 1 with crafts, 1 with paint and the other with Play Doh


Both of my girls crafted and painted scary and peculiar looking monsters and aliens, but what really captured the attention of my eldest daughter was the Play-Doh and the Play-Doh Touch where she created a dinosaur with the Play-Doh, placed it onto the white surface and scanned it into the app using a tablet. The dinosaur came alive and entered into a virtual world to explore – see the video below to see how this works.



PLAY-DOH Touch Shape to Life Studio Play Set

Creation Station classes are an hour long which was a perfect amount of time to experience each activity and it’s definitely something I will be looking to do again. It was a great time, really interactive and well put together. This is certainly something you’d want to look at on a rainy day with the kids.

Creation Station sessions takes place across the UK during term time and they also offer birthday parties.

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