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Doctor Dolittle The Musical Review

Doctor Dolittle The Musical Review

We were invited along to see Doctor Dolittle The Musical at The New Theatre in Oxford last night and what a fantastic night we had.

Based on the books by Hugh Lofting and the 1967 film, Doctor Dolittle tells us the story of a man who favours animals over people and learns how to communicate with them with the help of his parrot Polynesia. The Doctor discovers the  Pushmi-Pullyu and joins the circus where he meets a heartbroken seal who misses her husband, still in the North Pole. Doctor Dolittle sets her free and is imprisoned for his actions.

Doctor Dolittle the Musical Tour

The Doctor’s loyal friends Tommy Stubbins and Matthew Mugg help him to escape and they leave to find the floating Sea Star Island and save the Giant Pink Sea Snail.

The puppetry in this show was outstanding and on a par with the likes of The Lion King and War Horse, and the Giant Pink Sea Snail at the end had my children mesmerised. The set design was also incredible and the flow from one scene to the next was faultless.

Giant Pink Sea Snail

The cast were all fantastic with Mark WIlliams from Harry Potter and The Borrowers playing a very believable Doctor Dolittle, and you were really routing for the romance between Matthew Mugg and Emma Fairfax to blossom, played by Patrick Sullivan and Mollie Melia-Redgrave.

Doctor Dolittle the Musical Tour

I absolutely love that the show has teamed up with WWF to raise money for the charity and educate on the importance of conserving our wildlife

The whole show was thoroughly entertaining and although it was long at 2 hours 30 minutes (including interval) everyone was engrossed from start to finish. We would definitely recommend going to see Doctor Dolittle The Musical if you get the chance.

The show is on at The New Theatre in Oxford until Saturday 26 January.

To book tickets to see Doctor Dolittle at the New Theatre Oxford please click here

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