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Rugby Tots – A Great Confidence Builder

Rugby Tots – A Great Confidence Builder
Both of my little ankle biters have attended Rugby Tots classes and have absolutely loved it. The classes start at 2 years of age and in those early years it’s a really great way to bond with your child.
Both of my girls really gained in confidence with their running, kicking and throwing the ball, which has been invaluable when playing sport at school.
The coaches were so motivating and we were lucky enough to be coached by Rob Hill in Thame who I know is high in demand, but the other coaches are equally as energetic and enthusiastic.
This  is a great introduction into rugby or any other sports that involve a team and/or a ball.
Classes last either 30 or 45 minutes depending on age and run across the UK
Rugby Tots also offer parties which is a fantastically fun-filled way to celebrate your child’s birthday.

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