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Speed Beauty Tips: Save Time In The Morning & Still Look Fabulous

Speed Beauty Tips: Save Time In The Morning & Still Look Fabulous

Guest Feature by Hayley Hall (AKA London Beauty Queen)

Being able to spend two hours getting ready in the morning may sound like the dream, but realistically most of us roll out of bed to sort out the ‘fam and try to squeeze our entire routine into thirty minutes. Sleep is precious, as is our time pre-commute, so anything that can speed up the beautifying process without compromising on the result is something I’m on board with. Rather than having to prep and preen every single day, there are so many hacks and handy products designed to minimise time investment and ensure you’re still feeling ready to face the day. If you, like me, struggle getting ready on time in the morning, then here are some more of my top tips for minimising faff and still stepping out looking hawt.



You may be surprised to learn that the biggest cause of hair damage isn’t the heat associated with blowdryers, curling tongs or straighteners – it’s actually the often laborous task of towel-drying. Rubbing a rough towel against wet hair can not only cause excess frizz, but can also break hair and cause irreparable fundamental damage to the shaft. Microfibre towels can significantly reduce the need for blow-drying, whilst absorbing much more moisture from the hair than a regular towel; my favourite allows me to blot away excess moisture and leave my hair practically touch-dry in a matter of minutes, cutting down my blowdry time by at least 50%. Invest in one of these and your hair styling time will be cut in half!


We all love a bit of dry shampoo to save precious minutes in the morning, but what’s the best way to use it without giving the game away? If you’re concerned about residue appearing throughout the hair, apply your dry shampoo before bed and sleep on it. Overnight any excess sebum will be absorbed, leaving bouncy hair without any white marks; don’t brush your hair in the morning, but instead just use your fingers to comb through and add volume to the crown.


If you don’t have the patience, inclination or time to be applying five layers of skincare while drinking your coffee, mix together the essentials and apply all at once. As long as you’re not using ingredients that have the potential to impact the stability and effectiveness of each other, it’s absolutely fine to mix a drop of oil or blog of serum with your moisturiser and massage in. Don’t want to have to faff around with an additional layer of SPF? Opt for a moisturiser that offers SPF25 or higher, to help protect skin.


One of my all time favourite products to use on a daily basis is a great BB Cream. A good one will offer hydration, perfecting, sun perfection and illuminating benefits simultaneously – so there’s no need to load up on concealer, highlighter and blush. A drop of this buffed into the surface of skin is all you need to perk up your complexion and get you ready for the day; the texture helps to conceal imperfections and even out skin tone so you look like you’ve had a great nights sleep.


Although a really rich, nourishing and evocative moisturiser is great before bed, in the morning who has the time to wait for it to absorb before you step into your jeans? (Nobody likes a sticky leg.) Swapping your body cream for something like Vaseline Spray & Go Intensive Care Moisturiser will help to keep skin looking and feeling supple, hydrated and nourished without having to wait for anything longer than a few seconds.


If all else fails, the power of lipstick is hard to ignore. You can be dressed in an old t-shirt and have three-day-old hair, but add a slick of bold and bright colour and you’re good to go. I love nourishing and moisturising formulas that help to care for lips while making a statement, plus they’re much easier to re-apply throughout the day so you don’t look like you lose your sparkle – even if on the inside you’re counting down the minutes until bed. Opt for cherry reds, cheeky corals or popping pinks to ensure your look is on-trend and fabulous.

Do you have any other top tips for speeding up your beauty regime, without compromising on the way you look and feel?


This piece was written by Hayley Hall, winner of the Best Beauty Blog 2017 – visit her blog here


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