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You vs. Wild with Bear Grylls Review

You vs. Wild with Bear Grylls Review

This You vs. Wild Guest Review is written by 8 year old Chloe from Oxfordshire

Today we played something called You vs. Wild. You vs. Wild is a game where you get to choose what Bear Grylls does to accomplish missions in the wild.

To play you have to use your remote control to choose whichever option you think is best. The one that I did was camp in a tree and bury the bag of medicine or sleep in a cave with a jaguar but light a fire to keep away the cat.

I chose camp in a tree but when he woke up some monkeys stole the bag of medicine and it was game over. So I went back to try the other option.

The first two levels are rescuing a doctor, and bringing her bag of medicine to a small village in the jungle.

You can get this game on Netflix if you want it. I played it with my dad and my sister and it was so much fun!

For more details about You vs. Wild please click here

Little Ankle Biters would like to thank Chloe for her fantastic review

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